Charge Your iPhone FOUR TIMES Faster With These Shocking Setting Tricks

Charge Your iPhone FOUR TIMES Faster With These Shocking Setting Tricks_Young lady connecting her Iphone to a charger

Try­ing to pow­er up your iPhone from dead in less than 4 hours feels like an eter­ni­ty. But now insid­ers includ­ing Ver­i­zon have uncov­ered sim­ple hacks that juice up smart­phones 90% in just 90 minutes!

The secret? Two stealthy set­tings switch­es that unleash your bat­tery’s untapped speed. First, acti­vate Air­plane Mode while charg­ing. This stops bat­tery-drain­ing cul­prits like cel­lu­lar, Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi from con­stant­ly refreshing.

With wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tion dis­abled, your iPhone can focus charge pow­er on the bat­tery alone. And reg­u­la­tors like the FAA require air­plane elec­tron­ics use this mode dur­ing flights to avoid sig­nal interference.

Next, swipe down to Bat­tery Set­tings and trig­ger Low Pow­er Mode. Togeth­er, these tweaks flood your phone with pow­er four times faster with­out a pricey replacement.

And the iPhone 15 promis­es to shat­ter charg­ing lim­its once more. Sources say Apple’s next phone will blast bat­ter­ies to full in just one hour using unprece­dent­ed 35-watt charg­ing. Twice as rapid as cur­rent models!

Exact speeds vary by mod­el, but Apple’s strongest bat­ter­ies may hit 100% in a light­ning-quick 60 min­utes. A rev­e­la­tion that could save fran­tic users from fumes of anx­i­ety as dead­lines loom.

Of course, your cur­rent iPhone won’t access this megawatt charg­ing until upgrad­ed. But for now, dis­cov­er the phone-pack­ing tricks sleep­ing giants like Ver­i­zon don’t want you to know. Acti­vate these stealth modes and watch your bat­tery soar beyond its lim­its today!

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