New Leaks Reveal USB‑C Port for iPhone 15

Iphone 15 with USB-C charging port
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Apple’s next-gen­er­a­tion iPhone 15 may come with a USB‑C port, accord­ing to recent leaks. Online pho­tos show parts that seem to belong to ear­ly iPhone 15 pro­to­types, includ­ing USB‑C ports.

The pho­tos were shared by peo­ple who claim to be hard­ware experts on social media. One source from Chi­na said the ports were for the stan­dard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus mod­els. Anoth­er source from Ten­nessee post­ed more pho­tos and said a third port was for the iPhone 15 Pro Max mod­el.

If true, the change to USB‑C would make the iPhone com­pat­i­ble with the same charg­ing stan­dard as many Android phones and lap­tops. It would enable the phone to charge faster and con­nect more eas­i­ly to exter­nal screens and devices.

Pre­vi­ous leaks also sug­gest­ed that the iPhone 15 would have a tita­ni­um frame, a big­ger bat­tery and a new vol­ume but­ton. The USB‑C switch is prob­a­bly meant to fol­low new EU rules that require com­mon charg­ing ports for all devices.

Some con­sumers may wel­come a uni­ver­sal port, but oth­ers may see it as gov­ern­ment inter­fer­ence. Apple has also been crit­i­cized for chang­ing its con­nec­tors often and mak­ing some cables obsolete.

As the iPhone 15 release date gets clos­er next fall, more leaks will try to show what Apple has planned for its lat­est flag­ship smart­phone series. USB‑C inte­gra­tion could offer new ben­e­fits but it is still not con­firmed until the offi­cial announcement.

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