Apple Music is reducing its free trial from three months to just one month.

Since going live in 2015, Apple Music has offered one of the most gen­er­ous free tri­al peri­ods in the stream­ing indus­try. As a first-time sub­scriber, you can use the plat­form to lis­ten to music for free for up to three months before the com­pa­ny asks you to start pay­ing. This is no longer the case.

In a change spot­ted by Japan­ese blog Mac Otakara and lat­er report­ed by MacRu­mors, Apple is now offer­ing a short­er one-month free tri­al in many coun­tries where the ser­vice is avail­able, includ­ing the US, Aus­tralia, Cana­da, the Unit­ed King­dom and Japan. You can already see the change reflect­ed on the Apple Music web­site. “One month free, then $9.99 per month,” the US por­tal says when you visit.

For now, Apple Music pric­ing remains the same, with the $5 per month voice plan being the most afford­able way to access the plat­for­m’s library of tracks. The change broad­ly aligns Apple with rivals like Spo­ti­fy, which, aside from pro­mo­tions, typ­i­cal­ly offer one-month free tri­als to new subscribers.

While we’ll prob­a­bly nev­er know Apple’s offi­cial rea­son for short­en­ing the tri­al, chances are the deci­sion comes down to sim­ple eco­nom­ic considerations.

When the com­pa­ny first launched Apple Music, it did­n’t pay roy­al­ties for tracks users streamed dur­ing their free tri­al peri­od. Apple lat­er changed this pol­i­cy after Tay­lor Swift pub­lished a let­ter crit­i­ciz­ing the com­pa­ny. By short­en­ing the tri­al peri­od, the busi­ness can more quick­ly recoup the costs of attract­ing new sub­scribers to the platform.

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