You Won’t Believe These 46 Hidden Emoji on TikTok — Here’s How to Unlock Them All

You Won’t Believe These 46 Hidden Emoji on TikTok_ Tik Tok imojis list in image
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Tik­Tok is the ulti­mate app for cre­at­ing viral videos and shar­ing them with your friends. But did you know that there are 46 hid­den emo­ji that you can use to spice up your cap­tions and comments?

These secret emo­ji are not vis­i­ble on the app’s inter­face, and you can only access them by using spe­cial codes. They work on both iOS and Android devices, and they have a unique design that is dif­fer­ent from the stan­dard emo­ji on your phone.

Whether you want to express your love for Tik­Tok with a heart-shaped logo, show off your musi­cal skills with a micro­phone or gui­tar, or add some flair to your videos with a rain­bow or fire­works, there is a hid­den emo­ji for you.

But how do you use these secret emo­ji? It’s sim­ple — just copy and paste the code from our list below into any Tik­Tok cap­tion or com­ment. The code will auto­mat­i­cal­ly turn into an emo­ji when you post it.

Here is the full list of the codes

  1. [smile]
  2. [hap­py]
  3. [angry]
  4. [cry]
  5. [embar­rassed]
  6. [sur­prised]
  7. [wronged] 
  8. [shout]
  9. [flushed]
  10. [yum­my]
  11. [com­pla­cent]
  12. [drool]
  13. [scream]
  14. [weep]
  15. [speech­less]
  16. [fun­ny­face]
  17. [laugh­with­tears]
  18. [wicked]
  19. [face­with­rollingeyes]
  20. [sulk]
  21. [think­ing]
  22. [love­ly]
  23. [greedy]
  24. [wow]
  25. [joy­ful]
  26. [hehe]
  27. [slap]
  28. [tears]
  29. [stun]
  30. [cute]
  31. [blink]
  32. [dis­dain]
  33. [aston­ish]
  34. [rage]
  35. [cool]
  36. [excit­ed]
  37. [proud]
  38. [smile­face]
  39. [evil]
  40. [angel]
  41. [laugh]
  42. [pride]
  43. [nap]
  44. [love­face]
  45. [awk­ward]
  46. [shock]
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