YouTube is testing new artificial intelligence (AI) based music generation tools

YouTube is testing new artificial intelligence (AI) based music generation tools

YouTube is test­ing new arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) based music gen­er­a­tion tools that could change the indus­try. Dream Track allows users to gen­er­ate 30-sec­ond tracks by select­ing from pop­u­lar artists like John Leg­end and T‑Pain. It trans­forms their voic­es using Google Deep­Mind’s Lyra AI.

YouTube also announced Music AI tools in col­lab­o­ra­tion with its Music AI Incu­ba­tor. Capa­ble of cre­at­ing gui­tar riffs from hum­ming or remix­ing tracks, these could give inde­pen­dent artists new cre­ative options. How­ev­er, musi­cians ini­tial­ly expressed con­cerns about unin­tend­ed uses of their data to train models.

YouTube walks a fine line intro­duc­ing such tools while pre­vent­ing exploita­tion. It recent­ly out­lined poli­cies for iden­ti­fy­ing AI-gen­er­at­ed videos and pro­tect­ing pub­lic fig­ures from deepfakes.

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The Dream Track fea­ture uti­lizes pow­er­ful AI to blend a user’s melody ideas with a famous artist’s reimag­ined vocals. While par­tic­i­pants like Char­li XCX remain cau­tious of AI impacts, many see oppor­tu­ni­ty if devel­oped cooperatively.

YouTube’s hum­ming-to-riffs and style-remix­ing AI appli­ca­tions may empow­er cre­ative expres­sion for casu­al musi­cians and remix artists. How­ev­er, han­dling intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty rights will be cru­cial for bal­anc­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and protections.

For now, Dream Track and oth­er tools remain lim­it­ed access. But lat­er releas­es through the Music AI Incu­ba­tor could make gen­er­a­tive music tech­nolo­gies open­ly avail­able to many. How YouTube nav­i­gates com­plex cre­ative, legal and eth­i­cal obsta­cles will shape the future of AI in the music industry.

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