TECH: YouTuber points out that Samsung may have a problem that bloats smartphone batteries

Sam­sung may not have com­plete­ly made bat­tery issues a thing of the past. YouTu­ber Mrwhosethe­boss (aka Arun Rupesh Mai­ni) and oth­ers have observed a dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly high rate of bat­tery swelling in Sam­sung phones.

This most­ly hap­pens to old­er devices with swollen bat­ter­ies, but some are only a few years old, like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 cir­ca 2020.

While it’s usu­al­ly obvi­ous (the back of the phone is loose), it can some­times be so sub­tle that you don’t real­ize your bat­tery is in danger.

Swollen bat­ter­ies are nei­ther a new prob­lem nor unique to Sam­sung. As the lithi­um bat­tery ages, its chem­i­cal reac­tion may fail, caus­ing the bat­tery cells to swell and gen­er­ate gas, increas­ing the risk of fire.

I’ve had two such end­ings with non-Sam­sung phones. It is like­ly to occur if left uncharged or dis­charged for a long time, and many com­pa­nies (such as Apple) rec­om­mend charg­ing the bat­tery to about 50% if the device will not be used for an extend­ed peri­od of time.

What’s con­cern­ing is that this swelling seems to affect more recent Sam­sung phones than oth­er brands, and the bat­ter­ies are rat­ed to last five years with­out such risks.

Best fol­lowed by tech­ni­cal video mak­ers. Mai­ni and oth­ers often store dozens or even hun­dreds of mobile phones under the same con­di­tions, but they are not always kept at an appro­pri­ate charge level.

The extent of the prob­lem and its sys­temic nature are unknown. We’ve reached out to Sam­sung for com­ment and will let you know if they respond.

How­ev­er, it seems that they want to avoid fur­ther deal­ing with bat­tery prob­lems, which is reas­sur­ing. The Galaxy Note 7’s flam­ma­ble bat­tery has (tem­porar­i­ly) dam­aged Sam­sung’s rep­u­ta­tion, lead­ing to a mas­sive recall.

How­ev­er, the cri­sis has sparked a focus on bat­tery safe­ty and raised alarm bells for the mobile phone indus­try. Regard­less, reports of bloat­ware enlight­en users and manufacturers.

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