Jimmy Fallon Accused of ‘Erratic Behavior’ In ‘Toxic’ Tonight Show Workplace

Jimmy Fallon Accused of 'Erratic Behavior' In 'Toxic' Tonight Show Workplace_Jimmy Fallon during Tonight show

Cur­rent and for­mer Tonight Show staffers have accused host Jim­my Fal­lon of trou­bling con­duct behind the scenes. In a new report, employ­ees allege Fal­lon exhib­it­ed “errat­ic behav­ior” in a “tox­ic” work environment.

Some claimed Fal­lon seemed intox­i­cat­ed at times and that his mood swings impact­ed the work­place. They described an atmos­phere of fear and intim­i­da­tion under cer­tain bosses.

How­ev­er, the show con­tends the cli­mate has shift­ed over time. New lead­er­ship was brought in last year to improve morale.

Sources say Fal­lon is now high­ly engaged with staff. The influx of fresh per­son­nel has made pos­i­tive changes.

Still, anony­mous employ­ees recalled tense days depend­ing on Fal­lon’s state. They felt like mis­takes could cost them their jobs with lit­tle room for error.

NBC defend­ed the show’s cul­ture but did­n’t address Fal­lon specif­i­cal­ly. The net­work takes staff con­cerns seri­ous­ly, it said. Action is tak­en when appropriate.

Rumors of Fal­lon’s drink­ing have cir­cu­lat­ed before. But he’s reject­ed them, say­ing his sched­ule pro­hibits night­ly intoxication.

The accu­sa­tions are con­cern­ing if valid. But Tonight Show vet­er­ans say its envi­ron­ment has improved late­ly. While Fal­lon’s con­duct rais­es ques­tions, the show seems to be steer­ing in a bet­ter direction.

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