Kanye West’s Actions Cause ‘Embarrassment and Worry’ for Ex Kim Kardashian

Kanye West's Actions Cause 'Embarrassment and Worry' for Ex Kim Kardashian_Kim Kardashian in a black dress

Real­i­ty TV icon Kim Kar­dashi­an is said to be “des­per­ate­ly embar­rassed and wor­ried” about her ex-hus­band Kanye West­’s recent behav­ior in Italy with his new wife Bian­ca Cen­sori.

Kar­dashi­an, who shares four chil­dren with West, believes “some­thing isn’t right” accord­ing to insid­er sources. She is con­cerned for West­’s well-being and does not know how to explain his actions to their kids.

This week, video footage emerged of West bar­ing his naked back­side dur­ing an affec­tion­ate gon­do­la ride with Cen­sori in Venice. The pub­lic dis­plays of inti­ma­cy drew com­plaints about inde­cent expo­sure. Cen­sori’s scant­i­ly clad out­fits have also upset locals in the tra­di­tion­al Catholic country.

“Kim’s so wor­ried about the new pictures—how will she explain this to the kids?” a source told The Sun. Kar­dashi­an fears for West­’s men­tal health after images showed him wan­der­ing bare­foot and hold­ing champagne.

The source added Kar­dashi­an feels “pulled back into it” each time West and Cen­sori make head­lines for risqué behav­ior. Their actions remind peo­ple of Kar­dashi­an’s own sexy style dur­ing her mar­riage to West, which she wants to move on from.

West has long called Kar­dashi­an his “muse” and influ­enced her fash­ion. She filed for divorce in 2021 after near­ly sev­en years of mar­riage. They co-par­ent daugh­ters North, 9, and Chica­go, 5, and sons Saint, 6, and Psalm, 4.

West and Cen­sori have court­ed con­tro­ver­sy on their Venice trip. Cen­sori faced back­lash for near-naked body­suits vio­lat­ing Italy’s pub­lic inde­cen­cy laws. On the gon­do­la, Cen­sori reclined in West­’s lap as tourists filmed. They seemed unaware of spec­ta­cle amid nudi­ty normalizations.

Experts say West and Cen­sori could face fines up to €10,000 or 4 years’ impris­on­ment for expo­sure around minors. Kar­dashi­an­Pri­or hopes West finds inner peace as his antics stir dra­ma. But she aims to shield their kids from dif­fi­cul­ties and set a good exam­ple co-parenting.

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