Kanye’s Wife Bianca Covers Up Around Kids After Kim K’s Request

Kanye's Wife Bianca Covers Up Around Kids After Kim K's Request

Spoil­er Alert: Things are heat­ing up between Kim K and Kanye’s new wife, Bian­ca!

Bian­ca’s Style Shift: Known for rock­ing reveal­ing out­fits, Bian­ca has recent­ly been spot­ted in a full-cov­er­age black trench coat around Kanye’s kids . This comes after Kim report­ed­ly request­ed that Bian­ca dress more mod­est­ly in the pres­ence of their children.

Kim’s Side: Sources say Kim wants Bian­ca to dress “appro­pri­ate­ly” around the kids, while main­tain­ing an “ami­ca­ble” rela­tion­ship with the Aus­tralian architect.

North’s Doo­dling Dra­ma: The sit­u­a­tion report­ed­ly esca­lat­ed after Kim found North’s draw­ing of Bian­ca com­plete­ly naked in her notebook .

North Joins Dad’s Con­cert: Mean­while, North took the stage with Kanye at his recent Paris con­cert, rock­ing a black puffer jack­et and fur hat, sim­i­lar to Bian­ca’s recent style shift.

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