Khloé Kardashian FINALLY Admits Tristan Thompson’s THIRD Child Exists

Khloé Kardashian FINALLY Admits Tristan Thompson's THIRD Child Exists
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In a sur­pris­ing can­did con­ver­sa­tion, Khloé Kar­dashi­an acknowl­edged Tris­tan Thomp­son father­ing anoth­er baby dur­ing their rela­tion­ship. The two were dis­cussing rebuild­ing trust after mul­ti­ple infi­deli­ties near­ly destroyed their family.

“You hurt all of us with your betray­al,” Khloé Kar­dashi­an told Tris­tan Thomp­son. “Time has passed but the pain is deep.”

In a stun­ning admis­sion, Khloé Kar­dashi­an referred to Thomp­son’s third child — con­ceived dur­ing their sur­ro­gate preg­nan­cy. “Our sons are here, as is your oth­er son with anoth­er,” she revealed.

The bas­ket­ball star shock­ing­ly fathered a third baby with per­son­al train­er Mar­alee Nichols while still dat­ing Khloé Kar­dashi­an. This rocked their sur­ro­ga­cy jour­ney deliv­er­ing baby son Tatum last year.

Sources say the infi­deli­ty scan­dal almost end­ed their rela­tion­ship for good. But after Tris­tan Thomp­son’s moth­er’s trag­ic death, they start­ed repair­ing the damage.

Will Khloé Kar­dashi­an ever for­give Tris­tan Thomp­son’s repeat­ed dis­loy­al­ty? Can they suc­cess­ful­ly co-par­ent three chil­dren from dif­fer­ent relationships?

Fans were stunned by Kar­dashi­an’s pub­lic acknowl­edg­ment of Tris­tan Thomp­son’s secret third child bomb­shell. Only time will tell if this fam­i­ly can rec­on­cile after such a betrayal.

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