Kim Kardashian Booed at Tom Brady Roast in LA

Kim Kardashian Booed at Tom Brady Roast in LA
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Kim Kar­dashi­an faced a hos­tile crowd at the Tom Brady roast in her home­town of Los Ange­les. The real­i­ty star was met with boos and jeers as she took the stage at the event. 

Kim Kar­dashi­an, 43, attend­ed the roast of Tom Brady at the Kia Forum in Los Ange­les. How­ev­er, instead of a warm wel­come, she was met with a chilly recep­tion from the crowd. 

The event, part of Net­flix’s Net­flix Is a Joke Fest, was streamed live and marked the first-ever live tele­cast of a roast.

As Kar­dashi­an made her way onstage, she paused to thank host Kevin Hart, only to be booed by the audi­ence. The real­i­ty star appeared sur­prised by the neg­a­tive reac­tion. She attempt­ed to regain con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion by jok­ing about Hart’s height, but the boo­ing continued.

Dur­ing her set, Kar­dashi­an allud­ed to past rumors of a roman­tic con­nec­tion with Brady. She jok­ing­ly men­tioned their encounter at a July 4 par­ty in the Hamp­tons and hint­ed at the pos­si­bil­i­ty of being his date for the evening. 

She also made ref­er­ences to her infa­mous sex tape with Ray‑J and play­ful­ly men­tioned Cait­lyn Jen­ner, her stepfather.

Despite the boo­ing, Kar­dashi­an man­aged to deliv­er her jokes and even made a ref­er­ence to her late father’s involve­ment in O.J. Simp­son’s legal team. She expressed her sup­port for Brady and offered him advice, end­ing her set with a toast to his success.

One awk­ward moment occurred when come­di­an Tony Hinch­cliffe took jabs at Kar­dashi­an dur­ing his set. He made a ref­er­ence to her involve­ment with black men and advised her to “close her legs.” This added to the uncom­fort­able atmos­phere sur­round­ing Kar­dashi­an’s appearance.

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