Kim Kardashian Reveals “Tragic” Sign of Aging at 43: Weakening Eyesight

Kim Kardashian Reveals "Tragic" Sign of Aging at 43: Weakening Eyesight
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Real­i­ty star Kim Kar­dashi­an, 43, is open­ing up about a con­cern­ing sign of aging that caught her by sur­prise. In a recent episode of “The Kar­dashi­ans,” Kar­dashi­an revealed to her fam­i­ly that her eye­sight has sig­nif­i­cant­ly weak­ened “overnight.”

Dur­ing a fam­i­ly get­away in Aspen, Kar­dashi­an grew seri­ous as she shared the news. “Can I tell you what trag­i­cal­ly hap­pened to me? It’s real­ly hard for me to grasp and it hap­pened overnight.

I can­not see,” she told her loved ones. Demon­strat­ing the issue, Kar­dashi­an showed how she used to be able to view her phone up close, but now has to hold it fur­ther away.

Kar­dashi­an’s moth­er, Kris Jen­ner, acknowl­edged the frus­tra­tion, call­ing it “so annoy­ing.” The mogul then joked about try­ing unortho­dox reme­dies like “eat­ing tons of car­rots” and “red-light ther­a­py on my eye­balls” to reverse the prob­lem, before real­iz­ing those solu­tions would­n’t work.

In a con­fes­sion­al, Jen­ner gen­tly explained that Kar­dashi­an’s vision changes are sim­ply a nat­ur­al part of aging. “Who’s gonna tell Kim that car­rots don’t fix your eye­sight? It’s called aging. She’s get­ting a bit old­er,” Jen­ner said.

The fam­i­ly vaca­tion was already miss­ing a few mem­bers, with Kourt­ney Kar­dashi­an opt­ing to stay home with her new­born son, and Kylie Jen­ner bail­ing on the trip last minute due to weath­er concerns. 

The sib­lings joked about get­ting back at Kylie by wear­ing her clothes and post­ing on her social media, though Jen­ner not­ed Kylie was deal­ing with her own “anx­i­ety” issues.

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