Kim Kardashian’s Skims Reveals Her True Size in Sizzling Nude Nightie Shoot

Kim Kardashian's Skims Reveals Her True Size in Sizzling Nude Nightie Shoot
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Kim Kar­dashi­an’s com­pa­ny Skims has revealed the real­i­ty star’s true cloth­ing size, con­tra­dict­ing her pre­vi­ous claims.

In a recent pho­to­shoot, the 43-year-old was seen wear­ing a skimpy nude-toned night­ie that show­cased her famous curves.

Skims dis­closed that Kar­dashi­an is a size small for the sheer sleep­wear piece, a far cry from the extra-small she claimed to be in a biki­ni just months ago.

The tan­ta­liz­ing image cap­tures Kar­dashi­an from behind, giv­ing fans a gen­er­ous view of her back­side as she pos­es with­out shoes.

Her long, blonde locks cas­cade down her back, com­ple­ment­ing the caramel-toned make­up and short, light pink nails.

The con­trast­ing size rev­e­la­tions high­light the ongo­ing scruti­ny and spec­u­la­tion sur­round­ing Kar­dashi­an’s body transformations. 

The moth­er-of-four has been open about her weight loss jour­ney, admit­ting to extreme mea­sures like dra­mat­i­cal­ly cut­ting calo­ries and inten­si­fy­ing her work­out reg­i­men to achieve her desired look.

Kar­dashi­an’s size fluc­tu­a­tions have fueled dis­cus­sions about the pres­sures faced by celebri­ties to main­tain unre­al­is­tic phys­i­cal standards. 

The Skims cam­paign offers a glimpse into the brand’s efforts to cater to a range of body types, while also shed­ding light on the com­plex­i­ties sur­round­ing Kar­dashi­an’s own rela­tion­ship with her evolv­ing figure.

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