Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann divorce takes another disturbing turn

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann divorce takes another disturbing turn

Real­i­ty stars Kim Zol­ci­ak and Kroy Bier­mann just can’t seem to get along. Their ugly divorce took anoth­er dis­turb­ing turn when things boiled over dur­ing a loud argu­ment at home. So intense was the fight that the cou­ple’s own child felt they had no choice but to con­tact law enforce­ment for help.

Sources say three police offi­cers and a super­vi­sor rushed to the stars’ lav­ish man­sion in Geor­gia on Mon­day night fol­low­ing an “extreme­ly loud and ver­bal domes­tic dis­pute”. When author­i­ties arrived, Kim and Kroy were engaged in a bat­tle that had clear­ly esca­lat­ed out of control. 

Wor­ry­ing­ly, it was one of the pairs’ four young chil­dren who made the call for assis­tance, over­whelmed by the tox­ic atmos­phere ensu­ing between their parents.

Cops man­aged to deesca­late ten­sions and reduce the volatil­i­ty of the con­fronta­tion. How­ev­er, this is far from the first run-in with police dur­ing the messy split; pre­vi­ous­ly Kim Zol­ci­ak had accused Kroy of lock­ing her out of the bed­room and not feel­ing safe at home on sep­a­rate occa­sions. Despite briefly reunit­ing for their anniver­sary, it’s clear the sit­u­a­tion remains unstable.

With a court order­ing sep­a­rate liv­ing arrange­ments and with­out wed­ding rings, the future looks bleak for the for­mer­ly loved-up real­i­ty duo. Can they avoid fur­ther fights, or will lawyers need to inter­vene to untan­gle this increas­ing­ly bit­ter breakup?

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