Kimora Lee Simmons Says She Had Concerns About Daughter Aoki’s Relationship

Kimora Lee Simmons Says She Had Concerns About Daughter Aoki's Relationship
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Fash­ion mogul Kimo­ra Lee Sim­mons opened up about her reac­tion to see­ing pho­tos of her 21-year-old daugh­ter Aoki kiss­ing Vit­to­rio Assaf, a 65-year-old restau­ra­teur. In an inter­view, Sim­mons said she felt “a lit­tle embar­rassed” giv­en the large age gap between Aoki and Assaf.

Sim­mons expressed doubts about whether it was a real rela­tion­ship, refer­ring to Assaf as just “a toad Aoki kissed.” She implied the age dif­fer­ence may have influ­enced Aoki. While Sim­mons said she still sup­port­ed her daugh­ter, she acknowl­edged giv­ing Aoki “a slight pun­ish­ment” after the pho­tos surfaced.

The pho­tos in ques­tion, tak­en on a Caribbean beach, sparked pub­lic crit­i­cism and end­ed Aoki and Assaf’s rela­tion­ship days lat­er. Aok­i’s father, hip-hop icon Rus­sell Sim­mons, also weighed in at the time.

Sim­mons was care­ful not to pass judg­ment on Aoki. While she had ini­tial con­cerns giv­en Assaf’s age, her pri­ma­ry focus remained show­ing her daugh­ter love and accep­tance. Sim­mons’ com­ments pro­vide per­son­al insight into a car­ing moth­er’s per­spec­tive on her daugh­ter’s roman­tic choices.

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