Kourtney Kardashian’s Isolation: The Truth Behind Her Marriage to Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian's Isolation: The Truth Behind Her Marriage to Travis Barker
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Kourtney’s Strained Relationships with Family and Friends

While Kourt­ney Kar­dashi­an, 45, and Travis Bark­er, 48, may appear to have a fairy­tale romance, their mar­riage has come at a sig­nif­i­cant cost. Insid­ers reveal that Kourt­ney has become increas­ing­ly iso­lat­ed from her life­long best friends and even her own sis­ters since tying the knot with Travis in 2022.

The Impact of Travis on Kourtney’s Relationship with Scott Disick

Kourt­ney’s ex-part­ner, Scott Dis­ick, 41, with whom she shares three chil­dren, has main­tained a close rela­tion­ship with the Kar­dashi­an fam­i­ly even after their split in 2015. How­ev­er, Travis’ arrival in Kourt­ney’s life has caused ten­sion, as he felt “threat­ened” by Scot­t’s ongo­ing pres­ence in the family.

“When Travis got togeth­er with Kourt­ney on the heels of her and Scot­t’s long romance, he felt threat­ened by Scott,” a source told Dai­ly­Mail. “Travis made it awk­ward for Scott to be around the fam­i­ly when he was there. His con­stant kiss­ing and grop­ing of Kourt­ney was his weapon and he knew that it would keep Scott out of the pic­ture — and it did at the time.”

The Rift Between Kourtney and Her Sisters

Kourt­ney’s rela­tion­ship with her sis­ters, Kim Kar­dashi­an, 43, and Khloe Kar­dashi­an, 40, has also suf­fered since she start­ed dat­ing Travis. The sis­ters report­ed­ly now have a “fake and forced” rela­tion­ship, with Kourt­ney treat­ing them like “cowork­ers” rather than fam­i­ly members.

“Kourt­ney bare­ly talks to Khloe and Kim any­more, aside from when they are film­ing the show,” a source revealed. “She also thinks that Kim and Khloe are jeal­ous of her mar­riage because they are both sin­gle. She has pushed them away and deals with them as if they are her coworkers.”

The Loss of Kourtney’s Lifelong Friendships

Kourt­ney has also alleged­ly cut out her long­time friends, includ­ing Melis­sa Kolk­er, Allie Riz­zo, Stephanie Shep­herd, Brit­tny Gastineau, Courte­nay Semel, and Poosh employ­ee Sarah Howard. These were the girls Kourt­ney had been close with through­out her life, but now she bare­ly responds to their texts or calls.

“Kourt­ney and those girls were like sis­ters their whole life,” a sec­ond insid­er told DailyMail.com. “Now she bare­ly even responds to texts or calls. She would post pho­tos with them all the time on her social media. She was also seen with them par­ty­ing at bars and clubs all the time in LA and Las Vegas.”

The source added, “But none of Kourt­ney’s old friends are real­ly friends with Travis and have had hard­ly any con­tact with Kourt­ney since she got togeth­er with him.”

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