Penelope Disick Brutally Roasts Her Father Scott About Dating Younger Women: ‘You’re 40’

Penelope Disick Brutally Roasts Her Father Scott About Dating Younger Women ‘You're 40’

11-year-old Pene­lope Dis­ick dropped some harsh truths on her father Scott Dis­ick dur­ing a talk about his dat­ing life on The Kardashians. 

Scott, who recent­ly turned 40, admit­ted to Khloé Kar­dashi­an and Kris Jen­ner that he had been too focused on his chil­dren to try find­ing a girl­friend. Kris told Scott that a woman in her late 20s would be accept­able, but Pene­lope strong­ly disagreed.

“Twen­ties? You’re forty. You’re not going to date some­one 19,” Pene­lope blunt­ly stat­ed. Scott replied that dat­ing a 19-year-old would­n’t look right. Pene­lope then offered advice on what her father needs, say­ing “She can be pret­ty. Some­one who goes to the gym, because you need to go to the gym also.”

When asked what kind of per­son­al­i­ty his next part­ner should have, Pene­lope replied “a good per­son­al­i­ty.” She told her father that she want­ed him to have a girl­friend. Ear­li­er, Scott admit­ted to get­ting lone­ly and want­i­ng some­one who would­n’t give up on him eas­i­ly giv­en his past experiences.

Pene­lope clear­ly wants the best for her dad in his next rela­tion­ship. Only time will tell if the 40-year-old father heeds the wise words of his 11-year-old daugh­ter about find­ing a woman his own age to date.

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