Scott Disick’s Weight Loss on “The Kardashians”: Medication Revealed?

Scott Disick's Weight Loss on "The Kardashians": Medication Revealed?
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Real­i­ty star Scott Dis­ick’s dra­mat­ic weight loss has become a hot top­ic, and eagle-eyed view­ers of “The Kar­dashi­ans” may have spot­ted a clue. Dur­ing a recent episode, Khloe Kar­dashi­an and Kris Jen­ner vis­it Dis­ick­’s house, with the cam­era reveal­ing box­es of Moun­jaro, a pop­u­lar weight-loss med­ica­tion, in his refrigerator.

Dis­ick­’s trans­for­ma­tion has fueled spec­u­la­tion about his health and weight loss meth­ods. In March, he appeared notice­ably thin­ner, rais­ing con­cerns. Last sea­son, he dis­cussed weight gain due to a back injury lim­it­ing his activ­i­ty. Khloe even took him for an MRI after a 2022 car accident.

While celebri­ties open­ly dis­cuss using med­ica­tions like Moun­jaro and Ozem­pic, Dis­ick remains silent. The fridge scene has only inten­si­fied the focus on his weight loss journey.

The new sea­son of “The Kar­dashi­ans” promis­es to delve deep­er into Dis­ick­’s per­son­al strug­gles and his pur­suit of a healthy lifestyle. Will he address the med­ica­tion rumors? Fans will have to wait and see.

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