Uvalde Families Sue State Troopers for Botched Shooting Response

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19 Uvalde fam­i­lies are SLAMMING near­ly 100 state police offi­cers in a law­suit over their dis­as­trous response to the ele­men­tary school shoot­ing two years ago. This comes just days before the anniver­sary of the hor­rif­ic event.

They’re NOT stop­ping there! The fam­i­lies also secured a $2 mil­lion set­tle­ment with the city, forc­ing them to UP their police train­ing game.

Remem­ber May 24th, 2022? A gun­man opened fire at Robb Ele­men­tary, killing 19 kids and 2 teach­ers. Over 370 offi­cers showed up, but wait­ed a shock­ing 70 MINUTES to stop him.

A scathing report con­firmed what every­one sus­pect­ed: MAJOR police screw-ups. The law­suit claims state troop­ers IGNORED train­ing and DIDN’T take down the shoot­er when they should have.

“This is a total betray­al!” said a lawyer for the fam­i­lies. “They had the train­ing, the guns, EVERYTHING to stop this, and they failed us miserably!”

The law­suit tar­gets 92 Texas DPS offi­cers, plus the school dis­trict, the prin­ci­pal, and the school police chief.

The city set­tle­ment is capped at $2 mil­lion because the fam­i­lies don’t want to hurt the com­mu­ni­ty. How­ev­er, they did score some wins: stricter cop fit­ness tests, bet­ter train­ing, and a year­ly memo­r­i­al day.

“We’ve been in pain for two years,” said a griev­ing mom who lost her child. “This set­tle­ment is a start, espe­cial­ly from the city. Now we need to rebuild trust that was shattered.”

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