George Clooney turned down an offer of $ 35 million for a single day’s work.

At 60, George Clooney is hap­py to let oppor­tu­ni­ties slip by if they make him lose sleep.

If most peo­ple were offered $ 35 mil­lion for a sin­gle day’s work, it is almost cer­tain that they would snatch the hand that held the check, but it seems that when George Clooney was offered the exact oppor­tu­ni­ty to ‘appear­ing in an adver­tise­ment, he and his wife Amal Clooney decid­ed “it’s not worth it”. In an inter­view with The Guardian, the award-win­ning actor explained how, when it comes to choos­ing the job he and his wife will take on, it all comes down to mak­ing sure they still live their lives and don’t live only to work.

At 60, George Clooney has aged like a fine wine, and his lat­est direc­to­r­i­al offer­ing, The Ten­der Bar, was the sub­ject of con­ver­sa­tion in his recent inter­view with the British news­pa­per. Dur­ing the inter­view, Clooney was asked if he thought he now had “enough mon­ey” for the peri­od of his life he would enter, to which Clooney made the sur­pris­ing rev­e­la­tion of the guy. mon­ey he’s will­ing to refuse now. that he has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do so. He said:

“Well, yeah. I was offered $ 35 mil­lion for a day’s work for an air­line com­mer­cial, but I told Amal about it and we decid­ed it was­n’t worth it. It was a coun­try that, while being an ally, is at times ques­tion­able, so I was like, ‘Well, if that takes a min­ute’s sleep away from me, it’s not worth it.’ ”

Con­tin­u­ing, the Oceans 11 actor explained why over the past few years he has­n’t been seen as much onscreen as before, and it all comes down to sim­ple fac­tors, such as role avail­abil­i­ty and cre­at­ing sure he gets the most out of life away from the big screen.

“In gen­er­al, there just aren’t a lot of good roles — and, look, I don’t have to play,” he said. “My wife and I had this con­ver­sa­tion when I turned 60 this sum­mer. I said, ‘I can still bounce back pret­ty well, and we both love what we’re doing. But we have to make sure we don’t take our­selves for non­sense. ’ So part of that, it’s just that we make sure we live our lives. ”

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