TECH: $4.3 million spent by Amazon on anti-union advisers in 2021 alone.

Ama­zon spent around$4.3 on advis­ers last year in an trou­ble to help union­iza­tion of its store­hous­es, accord­ing to com­pa­ny forms with the US Depart­ment of Labor. Work­ers were need­ed to attend meet­ings led by the advis­ers who bandiedan­ti-union talk­ing points ahead of cru­cial union votes in Besse­mer, Alaba­ma and Stat­en Island, New York, Huff­Post has reported.

Com­pa­nies are need­ed to expose fis­cal details when advis­ers speak direct­ly to work­ers about union­iza­tion. Ver­i­ta­bly many have spent indeed$ 1 mil­lion on union avoid­ance over sev­er­al years, accord­ing to a recent report, while Ama­zon spent mul­ti­ple times that in just 2021 alone. Some advis­ers were paid up to 3,200$ per day.

The meet­ings are legal and gen­er­al­ly held when employ­ers dis­cov­er works to orga­nize unions. They are called” interned fol­low­er­ship meetings“by labor orga­niz­ers because atten­dance is typ­i­cal­ly­non-option­al. Gen­er­al­ly, the advis­ers will con­cen­trate on union pre­tens­es and implic­it loss of stipend due to work stop­pages. They also help com­pa­ny’s come up with strate­gies to mas­ter unions.

Ama­zon work­ers late­ly sug­gest­ed in two union dri­ves in Besse­mer and Stat­en Island. At Besse­mer, work­ers sug­gest­ed 993–875 against union­iz­ing, but 416 votes have been chal­lenged, so the final result is far from estab­lished. Still, as it stands now, the Stat­en Island union is present­ly ahead to (a periph­ery of 364) votes, with count­ing set to renew moment.

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