WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: Roman Reigns defeats Sami Zayn to keep the Universal Championship

The road to Wrestle­Ma­nia con­tin­ues with the “Tribe Boss” reign­ing supreme.

Sami Zayn has pushed Roman Reigns’ win­ning streak to a close.

But when the final gong rang at the WWE Elim­i­na­tion Cham­ber 2023 at the Bell Cen­ter in Mon­tre­al, Cana­da on Sat­ur­day night, the “Tribe Boss” con­tin­ued to be rec­og­nized as champion.

Reigns now advances to Wrestle­Ma­nia in April, where he will face Roy­al Rum­ble 2023 win­ner Cody Rhodes.

After sev­er­al close match­es that could have gone either way, things took a dra­mat­ic turn when Reigns backed into Zayn and crushed the ref­er­ee in the corner.

Zane hit Reigns with his Hel­lu­va kick and would have got­ten the pin­fall vic­to­ry if the for­mu­la had exist­ed. That absence pro­vid­ed Jim­my Uso Zayn with an open­ing to inter­cept a super­kick and his Uso splash.

Despite the onslaught, Zayn man­aged to kick him out to the delight of his Mon­tre­al crowd.

Moments lat­er, after the sec­ond ref­er­ee was knocked out, Jay Uso emerged and stood between Reigns and Zayn with the steel chair in hand.

Reigns, want­i­ng to test Jay’s loy­al­ty to the clan, hands him a chair. How­ev­er, Reigns gets fed up with Jay’s hes­i­ta­tion and punch­es him in the face.

This moment cre­at­ed an open­ing for a recov­er­ing Zane enough to attempt a spear on Reigns, but the cham­pi­on quick­ly moved away from the road and the move dropped Jay instead.

Reigns then pun­ish­es Zane with some chair shots and crum­ples him with a spear to retain his crown.

Kevin Owens saves Zayn from post-match pun­ish­ment that destroys both Reigns and Jim­my Uso in the process.

KO then left Reigns dazed in the cor­ner of the ring for Zayn to fin­ish off with a Hel­l­va Kick.

Thus end­ed WWE Elim­i­na­tion Cham­ber 2023: Reigns vs. Zayn.

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