CINEMA: Sandra Bullock reveals she’s taking a break from acting.

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Actress San­dra Bul­lock has announced that she is tak­ing a break from her act­ing career. Bul­lock first appeared on the Hol­ly­wood scene in the ear­ly 90s with stand­out per­for­mances in films like Demo­li­tion Man with Sylvester Stal­lone, Speed ​​with Keanu Reeves, and Irwin Win­kler’s The Net. The actress con­tin­ued her run with a series of dra­mas and rom-coms that helped define her career, team­ing up with oth­er stars who could match her intel­li­gence, includ­ing Nicole Kid­man in Prac­ti­cal Mag­ic, Ben Affleck in Forces of Nature, Hugh Grant in Two Weeks. Notice, and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal.

How­ev­er, Bul­lock could more than fend for her­self, spear­head­ing a num­ber of projects that helped launch her into the next rung of her career. Bul­lock­’s Miss Con­ge­nial­i­ty series was a huge hit for the actress before she began branch­ing out into more dra­mat­ic films, like The Blind Side, which won her the Best Actress Oscar. Bul­lock then starred in direc­tor Alfon­so Cuarón’s high­ly acclaimed Grav­i­ty, which earned him anoth­er Oscar nom­i­na­tion. After star­ring in Net­flix’s dou­ble Bird Box and Ocean’s Eight in 2018, Bul­lock took a short break, before return­ing with last year’s The Unfor­giv­able and this mon­th’s The Lost City.

Speak­ing to ET Cana­da, Bul­lock revealed she was once again going to put her act­ing career on hold and take a break to be with her kids, say­ing she needs to be “in the place that makes me feel the most. hap­py”. Bul­lock said she was com­plete­ly ded­i­cat­ed to her career when she was work­ing, say­ing, “I take my job very seri­ous­ly when I’m at work,” and now she wants to shift gears and “be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with my babies and my fam­i­ly.” As for how long Bul­lock plans to take a break, the actress said she just plans to be with her fam­i­ly “for a while,” but did­n’t give any spe­cif­ic time­line for her return.

Bul­lock will next be seen in Brad Pit­t’s Bul­let Train, which is due out this sum­mer, but no oth­er projects are planned out­side of that. It was announced a while ago that Bird Box 2 was in devel­op­ment at Net­flix, but noth­ing has been men­tioned in recent years about the poten­tial sequel. In the mean­time, Bul­lock already com­plete­ly anoth­er movie for the stream­er (The Unfor­giv­able) that was com­plete­ly unre­lat­ed. Iron­i­cal­ly, Bul­lock joins his The Pro­pos­al co-star Ryan Reynolds as the lat­est actor to announce a break from film­mak­ing to focus on fam­i­ly, even though they both have projects yet to be released in the com­ing year.

Actors tak­ing a break from their careers are quite com­mon and not always adver­tised. For Bul­lock, it feels like she’s mere­ly men­tion­ing her inten­tion for the near future, rather than issu­ing a state­ment about tak­ing a break. For actors who can afford to take the time, that’s great, although there are plen­ty who still chase the dream of reach­ing that lev­el. Sure, some actors nev­er seem to sleep, churn­ing out dozens of movies a year, but it all catch­es up at some point. There is prob­a­bly a large part of the pop­u­la­tion who would like to take a break to spend more time with their chil­dren, but this is not always planned. How­ev­er, San­dra Bul­lock will def­i­nite­ly be back, as her resume shows her pas­sion for the job is contagious.

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