Cesar Azpilicueta receives oxygen and is carried out on a stretcher

Chelsea capĀ­tain Cesar AzpilicueĀ­ta has sufĀ­fered a seriĀ­ous head injury in a clash with SouthampĀ­ton strikĀ­er SekĀ­ou Mara.

AzpilicueĀ­ta was kicked in the head by Mara when he attemptĀ­ed an overĀ­head kick in the secĀ­ond half of the PreĀ­mier League clash with SouthampĀ­ton at StamĀ­ford Bridge.

A Chelsea medic rushed to the pitch and tendĀ­ed to the SpanĀ­ish defendĀ­er after the immeĀ­diĀ­ate stopĀ­page of play. AzpilicueĀ­taā€™s teamĀ­mates also rushed in and looked at AzpilicueĀ­ta with conĀ­cern as he fell to the ground.

ā€œHe was on the ground for a long time,ā€ forĀ­mer EngĀ­land midĀ­fieldĀ­er FarĀ­rah Williams told BBCā€™s Final Score. ā€œWhen someĀ­thing like that hapĀ­pens, you want the right preĀ­cauĀ­tions taken.

The medics are there and the right thing to do is make sure the playĀ­ers are okay before they leave the pitch. Clear picĀ­tures. I canā€™t see it, but it doesĀ­nā€™t seem to be in good condition.ā€

The match was susĀ­pendĀ­ed for 10 minĀ­utes while docĀ­tors at StamĀ­ford Bridge gave AzpilicueĀ­ta oxyĀ­gen. In the end, he was carĀ­ried off the pitch on a stretchĀ­er to the applause of the fans. AzpilicueĀ­ta raised his arms and thanked him for his applause.

AzpilicueĀ­ta was replaced by TreĀ­vo ChaloĀ­ba near the end of the game. Chelsea made it 1ā€“0 after receivĀ­ing a James Ward-Prowse free-kick just before half-time.

AzpilicueĀ­ta has made 501 appearĀ­ances for Chelsea since joinĀ­ing from MarĀ­seille in 2012. At the age of 33, he has won numerĀ­ous troĀ­phies includĀ­ing the PreĀ­mier League, ChamĀ­piĀ­ons League, Europa League, Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

FolĀ­lowĀ­ing the deparĀ­ture of Gary Cahill, he was appointĀ­ed capĀ­tain of the club ahead of the 2019/20 seaĀ­son. He is curĀ­rentĀ­ly sixth in Chelseaā€™s charts for the most caps, behind legĀ­ends such as Frank LamĀ­pard, John TerĀ­ry, Peter BonetĀ­ti and Ron Harris.

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