CINEMA: Netflix will release an animated Tekken series later this year.

After help­ing to bring prop­er­ties like DotA 2 and Castl­e­va­nia to tele­vi­sion, Net­flix is once again turn­ing its atten­tion to a his­toric gam­ing fran­chise to add to its con­tent library. On Sat­ur­day, the stream­er announced that it would release Tekken: Blood­line, an ani­mat­ed adap­ta­tion of Bandai Nam­co’s pop­u­lar fight­ing game series, in 2022.

In the trail­er shared by Net­flix along­side the announce­ment, we are intro­duced to pro­tag­o­nist Jin Kaza­ma, who joined the fran­chise as a playable char­ac­ter in Tekken 3 in 1996. In the series, Kaza­ma embarks on a quest for revenge when his moth­er Jun falls to what she calls a demon.

Kaza­ma then turns to his grand­fa­ther, Hei­hachi Mishi­ma, for help. If the old man Mishi­ma gives off a sin­is­ter vibe, it’s because he’s the main vil­lain of the Tekken fran­chise. Kaza­ma’s quest even­tu­al­ly leads him to The King of Iron Fist tour­na­ment where we see some famil­iar faces.

Oth­er than know­ing that it will be released lat­er this year, we don’t have an exact release date for Tekken: Blood­line. Net­flix’s track record with video game adap­ta­tions depends main­ly on the com­pa­nies it has part­nered with to work on these projects. Pro­duc­tions like Arcane and The Witch­er: Night­mare of the Wolf have been suc­cess­ful for the com­pa­ny thanks to the involve­ment of stu­dios like For­tiche and Stu­dio Mir.

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