MUSIC: Jason Derulo attacks 2 men for calling him ”Usher”.

Police sources told TMZ that police were called to the ARIA hotel in the ear­ly hours of Tues­day morn­ing after Deru­lo punched two men.

Eye­wit­ness­es report­ed that Deru­lo and one of the men passed each oth­er on an esca­la­tor when the guy appeared to be trolling Deru­lo shout­ing, “Hey, Ush­er! Fuck you, bitch !!!” That’s when Deru­lo got angry and punched him in the face, send­ing the guy to the ground.

It did­n’t end there… Jason also alleged­ly slapped the sec­ond guy in the face moments lat­er, and secu­ri­ty had to step in to break up the fray. Even though Jason was walk­ing with a tall guy, maybe his body­guard… he still took care of the guys on his own.

At the time of the event, the 2 vic­tims did not want to file a com­plaint, but there is always the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a tri­al. Either way, they have up to a year to change their mind and move for­ward with the charges. Jason received a Tres­pass Notice from ARIA and was evict­ed from the property.

The injuries did not require any med­ical atten­tion, although the 2 guys appeared to be spilling blood from wounds to their faces.Zone con­tenant les pièces jointes

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