MUSIC: Rapper Goonew corps exposed in a nightclub during funeral.

Rap­per Goonew was rel­a­tive­ly lit­er­al­ly frontal and cen­ter at his own bur­ial with his body propped up and on dis­play in a club.

The 24- time-old’s bur­ial, named The Final Show, was held at Bliss Night­club in WashingtonD.C. Sun­day, and footage from inside the struc­ture appears to show the rap­per’s embalmed cadav­er over­look­ing the crowd, com­plete­ly dressed up and wear­ing a crown.

The fol­low­er­ship response is enough mixed. some are danc­ing along to the music, while oth­ers are grave­stone- faced, gap­ing at the dead body in front of them. Bliss Night­club said they were not made appre­hen­sive of the homage ahead of time, accord­ing to TooFab, and have apol­o­gized to any­one offended.

The club is still prob­ing if the body was real or not, or if any legal ram­i­fi­ca­tions are possible.

Goonew, real name Markelle Mor­row, was found with fatal gun­shot injuries a many weeks ago in a Dis­trict Heights park­ing lot– his fam­i­ly believes he was the vic­tim of an for­ti­fied thievery.

His mama says the artist gave up every­thing the sus­pect want­ed, but he was still shot in the reverse. Prince George’s Coun­ty PD is offer­ing a$25 000 price for any word that would lead to a con­vic­tion or arrest.

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