NEWS: Ghana
Pastor Makes Female Church Members Strip Naked, Bathe Them In Basin During Crossover Service.

A Ghana­ian Pas­tor has been seen in a live streamed video, car­ry­ing out a biz­zare crossover rit­u­al for his female church members.

In the video, the Pas­tor was seen ask­ing his church mem­bers to hur­ry up and come for the “holy bath” after which church mem­bers stripped naked to be washed in a basin.

After the wash­ing, the female mem­bers were seen tying tow­els while being rubbed olive oil by anoth­er Pastor.

The cler­ic also claimed that he got the direc­tive from above and knows it might cause con­tro­ver­sy even though he has no option than to obey the spirit.

Local news plat­forms in Ghana report­ed that the Pas­tor engaged in the rit­u­al to cleanse his mem­bers so they will be “holy and pure”‘.

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