Manchester City’s Erling Haaland out with injury will be out for match against Arsenal

Erling Haa­land has been injured in the 3–1 win over Aston Vil­la and will be out of action for Man­ches­ter City’s match against Arse­nal on Wednesday.

Guardi­o­la said Haa­land was sub­sti­tut­ed at half-time and the Nor­we­gian inter­na­tion­al, who injured his leg, will under­go an exam­i­na­tion before trav­el­ing to the Emirates.

A win over Arse­nal would give City the lead from Mikel Arte­ta’s side, who end­ed in a 1–1 draw with Brent­ford on Saturday.

“Erling is kick­ing and we will know in the next few days,” Guardi­o­la said at a press con­fer­ence on Sunday.

“I talked to the doc­tor at half-time and he told me not to take the risk at 3–0 and I think so too. Maybe if he was more ner­vous I would­n’t do it.

“I don’t think he’s injured, but we’ll find out tomor­row [Mon­day]. Maybe he can play on Wednes­day, but if there’s any risk he won’t play.”

Guardi­o­la has been crit­i­ciz­ing his squad ear­li­er this year, espe­cial­ly after the home and away games against Tot­ten­ham Hotspur.

How­ev­er, the City boss said he had noticed a change in the squad at train­ing ground and believed the play­ers were “focused” on the title fight.

“My per­for­mance in train­ing has improved a lot,” he said. “Every­one is very focused. Against Vil­la) we had a very good game.

“Over­all it was a very good game.

Guardi­o­la also revealed that there were dis­agree­ments on the pitch about who should take the penal­ty against Vil­la near the end of the first half and that he plans to speak to Haa­land, Rodri and Riyad Mahrez. .

Haa­land was named as kick­er but Rodri was involved in the deci­sion to pass the ball to Mahrez, who scored to give City a 3–0 win.

“That’s what Guardi­o­la said. ‘Nor­mal­ly, Erling (Haa­land) is the first, Riyadh (Mahrez) is the sec­ond, and Rodri is involved, so we’ll see what they say tomorrow. ”

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