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A KFC customer finds a chicken head with eyes and a beak in a meal box.

The inter­net is full of sto­ries and bizarre moments. One of them is that of a KFC cus­tomer who expe­ri­enced the shock of his life. The woman was in a rude shock when she found a whole chick­en head stuffed in her box of fresh­ly served KFC hot wings. The pho­to of the meal went viral on social media, show­ing the entire chick­en head with eyes and a beak stick­ing out of a crispy fried dough. Weird!

Gabrielle, the KFC cus­tomer, is said to have ordered from KFC Feltham in Twick­en­ham, south-east Lon­don. She post­ed the bizarre pho­to of her KFC meal on Insta­gram with a note that read: ‘I found a fried chick­en head in my hot wings meal. Give me the rest of my meal ”

KFC said on Twit­ter that the inci­dent left the chan­nel “in awe” and called it “the most gen­er­ous two-star review ever,” accord­ing to a report from The Sun.

KFC said it was inves­ti­gat­ing the case that led to the inci­dent. “We were real­ly sur­prised by this pho­to. Since Gabrielle came in con­tact with us, we’ve been look­ing at how it hap­pened, ”KFC said, cit­ed by the report.

“Put sim­ply, we serve real chick­en — and we were proud of it — but this clear­ly escaped the strict process­es and con­trols in place with our sup­pli­ers, part­ners and teams, who cook every­thing fresh in our restau­rants,” KFC said. .

“This is an issue we have tak­en very seri­ous­ly — already putting new mea­sures in place with our sup­pli­ers and retrain­ing our teams to pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing again. ”

KFC said it offered free meals to the cus­tomer as com­pen­sa­tion for the bizarre experience.

“That said, that does­n’t change Gabrielle’s expe­ri­ence — so we reached out to her and she’s now accept­ed free KFC on us,” the report said, cit­ing KFC.

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