CINEMA: Ben Affleck claims he was tricked into marrying Jennifer Garner and subsequently becoming an alcoholic.

The actor who is now with Jen­nifer Lopez did­n’t hes­i­tate to talk to Howard Stern about his drink­ing prob­lem and his time with JG, which he made quite miserable.

He claims that if they had stayed togeth­er they would have been “by each oth­er’s throats”, and not only that — but he even spec­u­lat­ed that if he was still mar­ried to her, he would still drink.

Here’s anoth­er reveal­ing quote from Tues­day’s inter­view … “I start­ed drink­ing part­ly because I was trapped.” He adds: “I was like, ‘I can’t leave because of my chil­dren, but I’m not hap­py, what am I doing?’ And what I did was I drank a bot­tle of scotch and fell asleep on the couch, which turned out not to be the solution. ”

Appar­ent­ly, that’s a pret­ty infu­ri­at­ing state­ment for Ben, giv­en the sup­port Gar­ner has giv­en to his bat­tles with alco­hol. She took him to rehab in 2018 and has remained a main­stay for him.

This is why Ben’s com­ments are not well received online. Many peo­ple crit­i­cize him for even try­ing to con­nect his per­son­al demons to her indi­vid­u­al­ly, not­ing that Jen has always been there for him when he relapsed.

Ben added that despite their best efforts, they just could­n’t save their rela­tion­ship and did­n’t want it to be the mod­el for mar­riage for their children.

Ben also men­tioned their chil­dren while talk­ing about rekin­dling things with J Lo, telling Stern he had thought twice before com­ing back with her — all because he felt his chil­dren were his high­est respon­si­bil­i­ty and was con­cerned about the inevitable headlines.

although it might sound like Ben had total­ly trashed his ex-wife, he end­ed on a rather sweet note, say­ing… “We did our best. I knew she was a good mom, and j I hoped she knew I was a good father. I had to get sober, and I admit it. ”

Any­way, like we said… it seems he and his ex are on good terms now, and have been for some time. Even with J Lo around — which she was for Hal­loween — there does­n’t seem to be much ani­mos­i­ty these days.

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