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Whoopi Goldberg is suspended from an American talk show for saying that the Holocaust involved “two groups of white people”.

ABC News said Gold­berg will be off the air for two weeks after his “mis­guid­ed and hurt­ful comments.”

The actress and TV per­son­al­i­ty told ABC’s The View that the Nazi geno­cide of Jews was “not about race.”

She apol­o­gized but then caused fur­ther offense by attempt­ing to explain her remarks on a late night show.

In a memo to staff on Tues­day evening, ABC News Pres­i­dent Kim God­win wrote, “Effec­tive today, I am sus­pend­ing Whoopi Gold­berg for two weeks for her inac­cu­rate and hurt­ful comments.

“Although Whoopi apol­o­gized, I asked him to take the time to reflect and edu­cate him­self on the impact of his comments.

“The entire ABC News orga­ni­za­tion stands in sol­i­dar­i­ty with our Jew­ish col­leagues, friends, fam­i­ly and communities.”

“These deci­sions are nev­er easy, but nec­es­sary,” she added in the memo, The Hol­ly­wood Reporter reported.

“Last week, I noticed that the cul­ture at ABC News is one that is dri­ven, kind, inclu­sive, respect­ful, and trans­par­ent. Whoop­i’s com­ments don’t align with those values.”

Ear­li­er Tues­day, Gold­berg issued his third pub­lic apology.

“Yes­ter­day on the show, I mis­spoke,” she said at the start of the talk show.

“[The Holo­caust] is indeed a mat­ter of race, as Hitler and the Nazis viewed the Jews as an infe­ri­or race.

“Now words mat­ter, and mine are no excep­tion. I regret my com­ments and am cor­rect­ed. I stand with the Jew­ish peo­ple as well.”

The 66-year-old Oscar-win­ning actress, who has been on The View since 2007, first made the con­tro­ver­sial com­ments on Mon­day’s show as she dis­cussed a Ten­nessee school board­’s ban on a nov­el graph­ic about the Holo­caust on the grounds that it showed nudi­ty, blas­phe­my and suicide.

Amid the uproar, she post­ed an apol­o­gy hours later.

But on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Col­bert on Mon­day night, while try­ing to clar­i­fy her com­ments, she said the Nazis lied and in fact had issues of eth­nic­i­ty, not race, which caused fur­ther offense. .

This isn’t the first time Gold­berg has sparked controversy.

She said in 2009 that direc­tor Roman Polanksi — who plead­ed guilty to “ille­gal sex­u­al inter­course with a minor” in 1977 — was not guilty of “rape-rape”.

She also defend­ed Bill Cos­by as he faced sex­u­al assault charges, before back­track­ing in the mid­dle of a hit.

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