TECH: WhatsApp now allows you to listen to an audio message before sending it.

December 16, 2021, 1:30 pm

Send­ing audio mes­sages on What­sApp has until now been a bal­anc­ing act. Indeed, the appli­ca­tion only allowed to record the voice mes­sage which was then sent imme­di­ate­ly to the recip­i­ent, with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty of replay and cor­rec­tion. But things have changed.

In recent weeks, What­sApp has test­ed a func­tion of “pre­view­ing” audio mes­sages record­ed in the mes­sag­ing sys­tem before send­ing them.

This fea­ture, which was then only in “Pre­view” state, is now being rolled out to all users on the iOS and Android apps as well as the Web and Desk­top ver­sions of WhatsApp.

The instant mes­sag­ing app, owned by Meta (for­mer­ly Face­book), has pub­lished a page on how to lis­ten to a voice­mail mes­sage before send­ing it.

The han­dling is obvi­ous­ly not com­pli­cat­ed. You must now hold your fin­ger on the micro­phone icon, then drag your fin­ger upward on the pad­lock icon to record the “voice” hands-free.

Once the mes­sage is fin­ished, you just need to press the Stop but­ton to stop record­ing. You can then lis­ten to the record­ed mes­sage again before send­ing it by sim­ply press­ing the Play but­ton. You can also press any part of the record­ing to start lis­ten­ing at that point.

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